Roman Carnival Overture  –Wind Ensemble at UK Singletary Center- April 23, 2017

Folk Dance – Symphonic Band at KMEA Scott County – April 22, 2017

Stool of Rock! – Advanced Percussion at Area Concert – April 18, 2017

Mueva Los Huesos – Jazz Ensemble at KMEA Assesment – March 25, 2017

Grand Champions! – Butler Finals

Check out marching and playing!  From the final practice run through 10-7-16.     Trumpet Head Cam-Opener.    Trumpet Head Cam-Mvmts 2 & 3.  Trumpet Head Cam-Mvmt 4.

KMEA 2016-Jazz Ensemble.  La Fiesta.  Soloists Reagan Cox, Tyler Gorman, and Jacob O’Donnel.  Featuring Terell Stafford on Trumpet!

KMEA 2016-Jazz Ensemble. The Rotten Kid.  Soloists Jacob O’Donnel, Jordan Bell, and Andrew Collins.

Who Are We!   Ryle Practice Day

Stool Pigeon – HC Advanced Percussion