Bingo Volunteers for Aug. 19

Hello Band Families, Below is the bingo volunteer list for Saturday, August 19, 2017. Students: Stormie Praria, Skylor Praria, Erica Currier, Robert Baker, Trip Church, Gabe Middleton, Morgan Farmer, Michael Lanham, Aaron Moseley, Sophia Wiatrowski Parents: Jason Moseley, Michael Farmer Supervisors: Brian Rosenkrantz, Rachel Cintron, Shannon Praria, Debbie Stepter, DeeDee Lanham, Hope Lanham Caller: Louis …

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Stadium Seatback Fundraiser

Hello, Band Family.  Marchers and non-marchers alike: don’t forget to sign up for a shift! Student signup sheets are posted in the band room. Parents can e-mail to sign up for a shift. Parking and entry gate details will be sent out Thursday.