HC Band Update- FINAL Info 11-19-20

Dear Band Family,

I wanted to touch base and pass along some HC Band Program reminders for all. Expectations have been communicated to all of our students in online classes. Parents, please review the below list and let us know if there are questions.

Make-Up Work and Past Due Assignments

  • All make-up and past due assignments are DUE for Wind Ensemble (4th period- Kite) and Jazz Ensemble (Kite) by 4:00 PM on Tues. November 24th.
  • All make-up and past due assignments are DUE for Symphonic Band (3rd period- Bayerle), Lab Jazz Band (Bayerle), and both Percussion classes (1st and 2nd periods- Bayerle, Justin Fisher) by Mon. November 30th.
  • We won’t accept work prior to the Final Exam preparation after those times above. Parents can check Infinite Campus for updated grades to verify each band student’s work.

Final Exam Info

  • I have attached the official HC Final Exam schedule for the last week of school in December. Most of our band program final exam material will involve student performances in our classes along with peer evaluations as we will work with each other to improve our skills as individual musicians and learn from the feedback.
  • 1st and 2nd period PERCUSSION classes:
    Mr. Bayerle and Justin Fisher will relay info to percussionists (1st and 2nd period) in online class on the final exam and the percussion process.
  • 3rd period SYMPHONIC BAND:
    Mr. Bayerle has communicated the performance material and the sign-up process in Symphonic Band (3rd period). Each student MUST sign up for a final time over the last couple weeks of this semester. They will peer review on days they are not performing as part of the final exam grade.
  • With the number of performances in both of our wind band classes, Mr. Bayerle and I have final exam sign-up times running the last 2 weeks over 5 class periods. When students are not performing, they will be evaluating peer performances and we will all help each other learn and grow. If parents would like a copy of the Final Exam instructions, please let me know and I’d be glad to share.
  • 0-hour LAB Jazz Band:
    Mr. Bayerle will be meeting with Lab Jazz Band students separately and covering their final exam information on an individual basis.
  • 4th period ADV Band/Theory (Wind Ensemble) and 0-hour Jazz Ensemble:
    I have met with Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble and posted all info about those finals. Similar to Symphonic Band, ALL wind ensemble and jazz ensemble students MUST sign up for a final exam performance time over the last 2 weeks of the semester. They will also be involved with peer review on days they are not performing that will be a part of the final exam grade.
  • All HC Band students should be involved in practicing and preparing for their final performance each week until their chosen final exam performance time. Most students in the program have performance checks due each week so Mr. Bayerle, Justin, and I can guide individuals with feedback to help prepare students for their performance.

Class Attendance

  • Just a reminder to parents to feel free to check with us concerning your child’s attendance/participation if you have concerns. Most GRADE problems are directly related to participation and being engaged during classes. We have been in touch throughout the semester with various students struggling and a good number of families.
  • Attendance as a band program is slipping as we get later into this semester and there are still scenarios where parents may think students are attending and participating when we, in fact, have not seen a few students in quite some time despite our efforts to reach them. Mr. Bayerle and I can share student activity in our online music platform (that students should be using every week) and we can share activity in Canvas with any parent wanting that information on their child.

Thanks to all for your work and effort in a challenging situation. The HC Band staff remains committed to trying to help each student musician develop individually through written and aural music theory, listening skills, and individual performance on the instrument. There are many students showing great progress and it is a joy to hear and see the work being done!

As always, we are available at any time in the afternoons for individual help sessions for students who would like extra instruction or feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for help!


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School