HCBAND: WW and Brass TODAY and Update on MB Senior Night Game

Dear MB Family,

It was great to see the Guard and Percussion yesterday! See plan below for today.


  • If you CAN’T be at a rehearsal, you should COMMUNICATE with us. There were a couple students who did not do so yesterday. Remember, we are responsible for contact tracing if there are any issues. We cannot have students in and out without notifying anyone. Students who continue to come and go will NOT be eligible to continue participation. 
  • All MB woodwinds and Brass rehearse today 4:30-6:30 PM.
  • Property Crew, please arrive early to set cones out at the back of the lot. We will use the WHOLE lot today, but need to get set around 4 PM.
  • All winds should dress warmly and have all equipment/instruments, masks, bell covers, etc.
  • Please observe all safety precautions carefully with the larger size of the group today.
  • I will also need 4 volunteers to bring down 4 full stand racks from the band room for music rehearsal.

The MB Senior Night game that was cancelled last Friday has been rescheduled for Fri. Nov. 6th. I will send out updated paperwork and processes next week for that game.

Looking forward to seeing everyone today! Be safe and I’ll start taking temps in the combined block without instruments (at first) around 4:15 PM so we can begin on time and make the most of our time together!


Bill Kite