HCBAND: Flexibility = Winning (at Bingo)

We appreciate everyone who works bingo. We appreciate it even more when they are flexible and step into roles they didn’t request!

Thanks to Jenn Krouse for filling in at the Front Door position when we had no one else volunteer. 

Thanks to Debbie Stepter who took over that spot so Jenn could return to selling pulltabs. 

Thanks to Mary Kitts and Candace Plybon (freshman mom), who along with Jenn, did a great job selling pulltabs.

Thanks to Brian Carlson who always does a great job verifying bingos and helping as needed on the floor. 

Finally, a big THANK YOU to Lisa Gray who came in to act as our all-purpose floor assistant and pulltab pusher.

ALSO, we have openings for all positions this week:


LAST, but not least, here is next month’s signup:


As always, we understand that not everyone is in a position to help. Text or email me if you have questions. I love to talk about bingo!

Susan Cohen

Bingo Volunteer Coordinator 

Bingo Supervisor