HCBAND: Old Friends, New Friends at Bingo

Thanks to new friends – Simona Balazs and Mindy Mobley – for helping this weekend at selling pulltabs and monitoring our front door this past weekend. As freshman parents, it’s hard to know what you’re getting into but these two have already volunteered multiple times. We appreciate your support!

Thanks to old friends – Tim Clifford, Ashley Gann and Cheri Landers – who are regularly seen behind the counter as trained bingo assistants. They did exceptional work selling pulltabs, and generally making things move smoothly.

Finally, thanks to some of our oldest friends – former drum majors Maddy Cohen and Sarah Palmer – who pitched in to help the band program have a successful night. Particular thanks to Sarah, who was home from college for the weekend and graciously stepped in to verify bingos when we found ourselves short-handed.

We’d love to meet some new friends this weekend at bingo. We will provide all the training you need, just please bring a mask to wear in the hall. There are still spots available for front door, and for bingo verifier. Signup link is below:


Finally, if you’re curious but not ready to commit, then please stop by and have a look at what we’re doing. Doors open at 5:00, and bingo games commence at 7:00. Jackpot Bingo is located at 1230 Eastland Drive, in the back of Eastland Shopping Center.

Email or text me if you have any questions. I love to talk about bingo!
Susan Cohen

Bingo Volunteer Coordinator 
Bingo Supervisor 1st/4th Weeks