HCBAND: Thank You, Trombones!!!

A big shout-out to our (mostly) trombone parents who helped us have another successful bingo session!
Thank you Angie Holt for keeping everyone safe and healthy at the front door.
Thank you Meg Seshimo, Julie Stone and Joe Stone for selling SO MANY PULLTABS!!! Special thanks to Joe, who came in late after a long day at work!
Thank you Delayna Care (alumi parent), Brian Carlson, and Stormie Praria (alumna) for verifying bingos, selling pulltabs on the floor, and generally helping things run smoothly.
It was great to see so many new faces at bingo. This coming week we’d love to see Color Guard parents.Even if you’ve never set foot in a bingo hall, we can teach you all you need to know to help the band.Just sign up below, and bring a mask with you.

Text or email me with questions. I love to talk about bingo!

Susan Cohen
Bingo Volunteer Coordinator 
Bingo Supervisor