HC Band Update 10-5-20


Dear HC Band Family,

I hope all are well and had a restful and safe Fall Break! Just some reminders for our marching band family as we “get the band back together” starting this afternoon. Please communicate any issues so we can accurately account for all students we are expecting and please take the necessary pre-rehearsal precautions at home so we can all stay safe and healthy. I will communicate any possible changes via email and the MB students’ Canvas Homepage. Students should arrive about 15 minutes early for temp checks and students should be ready to depart quickly after the printed rehearsal end time. Remember, we must stay masked, distanced, and should not congregate before or after rehearsal.

SCHEDULE for the week:

Monday 10/5 (TODAY):         
Percussion 4:30-6:30 PM outside band room
Color Guard 5:00-7:00 PM student lot

Tuesday 10/6:
Woodwinds 4:30-6:30 PM student lot

Wednesday 10/7:      
Brass 4:30-6:30 PM student lot

HC Band COVID Rehearsal Process


  1. Everyone MUST have a mask or face covering. All winds will have a mask that they can wear while playing. Each wind player will also have a bell cover that must be on at all times.
  2. Everyone must have their own water jug. Absolutely no sharing of any kind.
  3. Everyone should bring their own instrument to and from rehearsal from home. If an instrument is too big (Sousaphone, Bass Drum), it will be stored in a safe manner at school. Guard members bring their equipment home and back each rehearsal.
  4. Everyone should have on proper athletic attire (tennis shoes, athletic shorts, T-shirts, hat, face covering or mask) for every rehearsal.
  5. Everyone should apply their own sunscreen at regular intervals throughout the day.
  6. If there is a rehearsal around meal time, students MUST have individually bagged lunches and not share food. Students will not be permitted to leave campus and return due to regulations for arrival and departure for activities.
  7. NO carpooling of any kind. This is very important. Every student or family of students arrives and leaves individually at a specific point of entry and exit.
  8. Students should NOT come to rehearsal if they are ill or if their temp is at 100.4 or higher. Please do a quick temperature check before leaving your house for rehearsal.

Rehearsal Flow:

  1. Upon arrival at rehearsal each student will be officially checked in by band staff. Their temperature will be taken and they will be asked a series of health-related questions (see Student Form below) If their temperature is over 100.4, they will be quarantined until a ride can be secured to take them home. See FCPS COVID Positive Test Guidelines at the end for more info on participation in each activity.
  2. Everyone will enter and exit from the same location for band during the same designated time frame. Each HC team/group will have their own designated location around campus for drop off and pick up.
  3. There should be NO congregating before or after rehearsal so students are asked to arrive on time and depart immediately after rehearsal and dismissal. Students are asked to distance themselves at least 6 feet from others at ALL times. 
  4. Students should wear masks or face coverings at all times. Guard members and percussionists should also continue wearing masks or face coverings for the entire time on campus.
  5. While HC Band rehearsal is being conducted, band members will be at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  6. When there is a break in rehearsal, students should move directly to their designated storage area for water which will be spaced out safely. Students should continue wearing face coverings or masks during all breaks.
  7. Students will be allowed in for the restroom but must be safely spaced and wearing face coverings the entire time.
  8. All students are expected to thoroughly wash their hands throughout the day.
  9. Proper hygiene and sanitation processes will be in place.

Post Rehearsal:

  1. Upon dismissal, students should pack up quickly and efficiently and depart campus taking all instruments, equipment, supplies, water coolers, backpacks, clothing bags, etc. with them.
  2. There should NOT be anything stored on campus.
  3. For big percussion instruments and sousaphones, there will be designated storage areas. All other instruments and equipment should be taken home individually including guard equipment. Pit members should use individually owned and assigned mallets without sharing and be sure members are only using necessary equipment assigned to them.
  4. It is very important that rides for students are on time and there is absolutely NO carpooling between families. Again, students may not congregate at the end of rehearsal.
  5. When students arrive home, they should sanitize daily and regularly. Wash all rehearsal clothes, masks, face coverings. Shower. Sanitize instrument or equipment daily upon arrival home after practice.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that their child(ren) are healthy and monitor, as well as check their child(ren’s) temperature daily to protect all participants/students and staff.
  • Provide a full bottle of water for each school-sponsored activity.
  • Carpooling with other band members is strictly prohibited.
  • Adhere to social distance requirements based on state and local health official guidelines. Entering the school sponsored activity (practice, performance, meeting, etc.) area or assisting the coach/director with equipment prior to or at the conclusion of all school-sponsored event is strictly prohibited.
  • Clean and sanitize child(ren’s) clothing by regular washing at the conclusion of every school-sponsored activity.
  • Sanitize all equipment/instruments prior to and at the conclusion of every school-sponsored activity.
  • Immediately inform the coach/director if their child becomes ill for any reason.
  • Ensure that their child is equipped with sanitizing agents/products for use on their person at all times.

Band Member Responsibilities:

  • Temperature readings should be taken daily.
  • Thorough handwashing shall take place prior to and at the conclusion of every school-sponsored activity.
  • Bring personal water bottles to every school-sponsored activity.
  • Bring hand sanitizer to every school-sponsored activity for personal use.
  • Wear facemask or covering prior to and immediately at the conclusion of all school-sponsored activities.
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s personal equipment, water, snack or equipment/garment bag.
  • Practice social distancing by placing equipment and equipment/garment bags at least 6 feet apart.
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment/instruments prior to and at the conclusion of all school-sponsored activity.
  • Refrain from group celebrations, including high-fives, hugs, handshakes, or any physical contact that breaks social distancing practices.

Positive COVID Test guidelines:
Once a positive test result has been determined, the local health department will begin the process of contact tracing on everyone involved in the sport or the activity.

  • The contact tracing process would include team members, managers, coaches, etc.
  • A 14-day quarantine will be implemented; students, coaches, directors, and staff will refrain from participation for the entire 14-day period and will not allowed to be on campus grounds.
  • If student has symptoms, the team may opt to quarantine until test results are known.
  • The process will proceed with interviewing team members, determinations as to who needs to sit out and who does not will be made at that time.
  • If family member tests positive, the 14-day quarantine holds for that student; the Fayette County Health Department may require a negative test before allowing the participant to return to play.

FCPS would verify that the individual is negative prior to allowing them to return for participation.

Thanks to all for your help in this process. Take care and I look forward to seeing some of the students soon.


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School