HCBAND: Update 9-11-2020

Dear HC Band Family,

I hope all are well and students and families are having a successful finish to week 3! I realize there is a TON of info below, but PLEASE READ.

Updates as of Fri. 9/11:

  1. For anyone who paid for your child to attend the DISNEY trip last year, I spoke with Ron Roth at Taylor Tours yesterday. Lakefront Travel went out of business due to the pandemic, but a parent company bought them and remarkably, is trying to give everyone partial refunds of the travel money collected last spring. We won’t receive all of the travel money we spent, but are working to get as much back as possible. They do not know when partial refunds will arrive with the transfer and buyout, but Taylor Tours is still working to get as much back for us as possible.
  2. Students should be checking their Canvas class homepages EVERY DAY and filling out the attendance form through the link on the day they have class. We only know who is participating through the attendance form and we have to mark that and submit to the office. Remember, with pages of band students attending zoom meetings and some with cameras off, we do not see each student that is attending each class. Students won’t receive credit for participating if they are not fulfilling these requirements and/or completing assignments.
  3. The district notified us that Zoom cloud space is limited so there will NOT be access to recorded classes for very long if at all, so please do your best to attend EVERY class when it meets. Students should avoid missing class for things that can be scheduled at better times or in the afternoon when there isn’t class taking place.
  4. All instrument rentals that were requested should be out. EVERY student must have an instrument or the correct equipment obviously to be in band or percussion class. If you do not have an instrument or percussion equipment, we need to take care of that immediately. Email me individually please.
  5. I have been in contact with “the powers that be” for a while on plans to meet with groups of students and how to do so safely. I reached out again yesterday morning as the following was released yesterday to us by our AD in reference to athletic events and was news to me:
  • Band performances in the bleachers are approved for outdoor events at this time. 
  • Band members will be in a separate and distinct area from the teams, with the ability to be socially distanced from one another and other groups of individuals, including fans. 
  • Seating charts must be developed and maintained for band members. 
  • Appropriate PPE, including masks, is required at all times. 
  • All band members must remain socially distanced. 
  • Band members will be permitted to provide names of 4-5 immediate household family members (maximum) to their directors. Band families will be included on the list of allowed spectators. 

    We obviously won’t be meeting at an athletic event until we have taken time to prepare and rehearse responsibly and safely with one another. The main priority at the moment is securing the correct PPE (bell covers, masks for playing, etc.) which a team of parents has agreed to organize and get moving forward. We are looking at possible 50-person group rehearsal in a couple weeks outside. I will have other updates next week as our parents work to make this happen! Thanks to all for your excitement and effort!

    6. Please remember that a dedicated group of band parents has been making sure our organization still has the funding to function by working BINGO every Saturday night. They desperately need help while we wait to involve students again. They are taking protective measures and working carefully and safely. For those who are unfamiliar with our program, we raise all of our own money and pay for all of our own needs. Nothing is provided for us (district may help with PPE but it’ll take a while) so if you can help, the old saying goes “many hands make light work.” Bingo is approximately 60% of our income as a program. Many programs have halted this operation and risk losing the gaming license, etc. which is a long process to regain. I totally and completely understand the caution and everyone must do what is best for their family, but if you are in a position where you can help, we need you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. Be looking out for communication next week. I hope all in our band family stay well and I look forward to a time when we can all see each other again!


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School