September bingo, week 2 and beyond

Hello Band Family!

Hope everyone had a Labor Day that did not involve labor. We are half staffed for the clarinet bingo session on 9/12, and still need many more parents for percussion and trumpet nights.

What do clarinets get from our fundraising? In addition to things that benefit all band students, we have band-provided bass clarinets and double reed instruments. Not every band has an English horn, but we do! Bingo money helps pay for maintenance and repair on our existing school instruments, and allows us to work toward replacing our oldest instruments so our talented students can make beautiful music.

Please come help us give the students a great musical experience by volunteering for bingo!

If you have any questions about the jobs, or the environment, please contact me. I love to chat about bingo!

Susan Cohen

Bingo Volunteer Coordinator
Bingo Supervisor 1st/4th Weeks