HCBAND: We might have to cancel bingo!!

Good evening, Band Family.  I hope you’re all planning a lovely and safe holiday weekend.  I understand that this is a time to spend with family, but can I strongly suggest you sign-up to spend a few hours of the long weekend helping your band family?

It only takes a few hours of your time, and it is actually fun!  We find that the same set of people volunteer over and over again, but we really do want to make sure everybody is doing their fair share.  We provide PPE and dinner, but please bring your own mask!

Did you know that if we have to cancel bingo due to a lack of bingo volunteers the band will lose $1,050?  Each time we cancel?

Please, sign up!  Anybody over 18 can sign up to help.  Past, present, and future volunteers can please help us by signing up here!  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c084fa9aa2c7-september

Rebecca Scott
HCBB Bingo Chair