HCBAND: Bingo plea 8/29/2020

Hello Band Parents!

We are a couple of people short for this weekend, and I could really use some help in the following spots:
If you’ve had a long week and just want to sit around, we can accommodate that with our Pulltab Selling position. There is plenty of downtime during the actual bingo games, so this isn’t a high-stress activity. Also, the patrons are pretty nice, and the snack bar food is good.
If you find you’ve been sitting too much, and need a bit of activity then our Bingo Verifier position is just right for you. When someone yells BINGO, you get to read a number off their bingo sheet (or computer) and pay out the winnings. Our paper side staff will show you all you need to know and they will figure out the payouts, so you can spend time making our patrons HAPPY!!!!!
This week’s signup is here:
As I said, we have an immediate need for this weekend but there are plenty of slots for the upcoming month. September’s signup is here:
All bingo sessions are held at JACKPOT BINGO, at the back of Eastland Shopping Center. Doors open at 5:00. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to text me at the number below.
Look forward to seeing you soon!
Susan Cohen
Bingo Volunteer Coordinator
Bingo Supervisor 1st/4th Weekends