HCBAND: It’s more than just bingo

Good afternoon, Band Family.  I know we’re all feeling a little disconnected these days.  I’m personally both overwhelmed with the upcoming school year, and more than a little sad that summer is over.  This time of year, we would normally be seeing more than a lot of one another with most of our kids having just survived band camp.  But we have to find different ways to contribute and connect this year.  One of those ways, believe it or not, is at bingo.

As alumni mom Susan Cohen said, “At first, working bingo meant getting to spend more time with my band kids.  However, the longer I worked the more parents I got to know.  I’ve made some lifelong friends through the bingo volunteer family.”

So, come on out!  Sign up.  Make new friends.  And we’ll even feed you dinner.


Thanks for helping!

Rebecca Scott
HCBB Bingo Chair