Last day!

Bidding closes at 5!  Do you like to wait until the very end and throw in that last second bid?  Watch your time today!  We will use the time stamp on the our alert e-mail (it’s something we get, you don’t have to worry about it) to determine the high bid at the end of the auction.  Just two notes, please make sure to increase your bid by $5 from the previous bidder.  Second, we have a few items that have the same high bid.  In that case, the person who placed the bid first will get the item because he/she has not been outbid.  I’ll send one last reminder at 4 today.  Here’s the link in case you haven’t had a chance to check it out.

Winners will be notified later tonight or tomorrow morning via e-mail, so be sure to check you e-mail.  We will give instructions for making payment and picking up your winnings then!