HCBAND: Communications Update 5-20-20

Dear Band Family,

I hope all are well. As expected, there is a great deal of new and ever evolving information flying around so I will do my best to communicate everything I know at the moment J

  • Mr. Bayerle will be trying to wrap up grades soon, but the district will allow another couple weeks. We would like to be close to final by the end of the week if at all possible.
  • Seniors, please fill out the following form for our virtual banquet by this Fri. 5/22 and senior spotlights if you have not done so.


  • We will hold our VIRTUAL BAND BANQUET on Monday, June 8th at 7:00 PM on Zoom. We will send out a link in the coming week and a reminder closer to the date. Thanks to the parents working diligently behind the scenes to help us make this happen!
  • Next Tuesday, May 26th from 1-3 PM, Mr. Bayerle and I will be out in front of the school on the sidewalk collecting school instruments from anyone NOT returning (including seniors). ALL students with a school instrument MUST complete the following form so we can account for all instruments in our inventory:


We will NOT be charging a summer instrument rental. Remember, ALL students with a school instrument MUST complete the form whether you are returning it or not.

  • Next Tues. May 26 from 1-3, we are also collecting Concert Uniforms (Full tuxedos, black dresses) in the garment bag with each name from students NOT returning to the program (obviously including seniors).
  • We will also distribute any Color Guard Flags needed for summer practice at that time.
  • Concerning students/parents entering the building, the following info was released to us from Mr. Allen (HC Associate Principal):

Students/Caregivers Building Access by Appointment Only:

  • Access for students and caregivers must be scheduled by appointment through the front office 859-381-3423. Appointments can be scheduled between 9:00 am – 2:00 pm weekdays.
  • Students may be accompanied by 1 adult, if needed.
  • Students/Caregivers may be denied access to the building if no appointment was scheduled or be subject to extended wait times in order to maintain social distancing requirements.

Entry and Exit Requirements for ALL:

  • Anyone entering the building must wear a mask. Staff must wear a mask unless they are by themselves in their office or classroom. This includes walking in hallways and all other common areas.
  • All staff, students, and caregivers will enter through the entrance 2A which is located in the front of the school, upstairs yellow hallway.

○ Prior to entering the building everyone will review the health questionnaire. If any health screening question is answered “yes” the person will not be permitted to enter the building.

○ School administration or other personnel (screeners) will take each person’s temperature using a contactless thermometer before entrance to the building is permitted. Screeners are to wear a mask, gloves, and eye protection.

○ Any person with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted to enter the building based on symptoms of a fever.

  • In addition to office staff, only one student/caregiver will be permitted in the office at a time, student/caregiver will be asked to wait outside using social distancing until office is available.
  • Entrance 2A – is the only access to entrance to the building. Exit 3A – is the only exit point from the building. This is to reduce cross traffic in the building.
  • All staff must sign out when leaving the building, sign out sheet located at 3A exit. Material Check In/Out Process
  • All staff members checking in school owned material must wear a mask and practice social distancing.
  • Materials drop off and collection will take place at the front walkway of the school, in front of the little connector. Every effort will be made to prevent students and family members from entering the building. In the event a student must enter the building, entry and exit procedures shall be followed.
  • When possible, staff members will retrieve student belongings and bring them to the 2A entrance.
  • Belongings not collected by 3:00 on May 29 may be discarded, efforts will be made to contact the owner of belongings if possible.
  • Info on Band Fees:

Currently, our fee structure is under review by the district. We will plan on continuing our current structure from this past school year 2019-20 if all offerings are still available next year. There will NOT be an increase in band fees.

We will NOT be collecting any money or marching band camp deposits, etc. until we get some clarity on the plan for the summer/fall. We will pass along more information as soon as it becomes available.

Best to all in our HC Band Family! Mr. Bayerle and I wish you a safe and healthy end of the school year and coming months! Please be on the lookout for continued communication as we remain flexible and in compliance with any changes to the old normal protocol.


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School