HCBAND: Band Update 4-8-20

Good Morning Blue Devil Band Family,
I hope all are well. I have spent a good amount of time reflecting as I’m sure you all have and am grateful for the heart and compassion in our band family. Whether it is donating items, or helping others, or working in a hazardous situation serving others, or simply helping your community by staying home, I’m humbled to know and work with people of your character and love. We all know that our positive mindset moving forward and how we help today in our community while being mindful of the very real suffering around us leads to a healthy future where we can gather as a family together again. Best to you all.

Just wanted to pass along some quick reminders for the students:
1. Establish a good positive daily routine. I’ve had fun posting video announcements each morning and will try to help you along 🙂
2. Check into Google Classroom every school day (Mon-Fri) and click on the Attendance Question, mark next to “present,” and hit submit or turn in so Mr. Bayerle and I can accurately mark attendance. Everyone seems to be doing this slightly differently and we are all in this new process learning together. This system helps us be accountable so please do this for band every school day.
3. Please read daily assignment instructions carefully. There are some days when students should complete a listening assignment AND playing assignment. Remember if at all possible, we would like students to practice for at least 30 minutes per day.
4. If you have instrument trouble or technology issues, please reach out to me. No worries or panic…we’re in this new process together and we will work to find ways to keep you experiencing music. Remember, your health is most important to us all.
Have a great day and don’t hesitate to contact me!
Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School