Parent Meeting TONIGHT and Upcoming Schedule!

Greetings HC Band Family,

I hope everyone is well! Our All-State students just returned from the KMEA conference after performing brilliantly on Friday and Saturday wrapping a great experience! I wanted to pass along a few reminders concerning the upcoming schedule.

Mon. Feb. 10 (today)
Band Council Meeting 3:30 PM
Wind Ensemble 4:00-6:00 PM
Parent Meeting 7:00 PM…we welcome all who are interested in supporting the program!

Tues. Feb. 11
Concert Band Rehearsal 4:00-6:00 PM

Wed. Feb. 12
Steel Band Gold 3:45-6:00 PM

Thurs. Feb. 13
Symphonic Band Rehearsal 4:00-6:00 PM

Fri. Feb. 14
Disney Trip Rehearsal 3:45-5:45 PM

Reminder, Concert Band Assessment is Friday, March 20th which is less than 6 weeks away. All 3 concert groups must rehearse with percussion and the folks filling out instrumentation. This should not be a surprise to anyone as the calendar has been in place for 9-10 months. All after school rehearsals are mandatory and absences should be emergencies only. If an emergency (illness, death in the family, etc.) arises causing someone to miss, students must complete a makeup assignment.

I cannot stress the importance of the commitment to the ensemble enough. Every band member has tremendous responsibility in a performance and the entire group suffers when even 1 person is out from rehearsal.

Thanks to all. We are looking forward to a great spring semester full of outstanding performances!

We hope to see you tonight at the meeting!


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School