Bingo Volunteers Feb 8th

Hello Band Families,

Below is the bingo volunteer list for Saturday, February 8th.  We are in need of 2 additional parent volunteers. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to work.

Students:  Julia Walton, Brennan Schuer, Will Baumann, Kaitlynn Bayne, Katie Kennedy, Zain McCoy, Ginny Price, Katie Taylor, Phoebe Tripure, Dallas Care, Jonah Boggs, Silas Castlen, Jacob Doctrow, Jonah Boggs, Torrey Anderson

Parents:  Sherry Price, Stephanie Boggs, Sommer Anderson

Supervisors:  Delayna Care, Amy Taylor, Jenny Minier, Dana Moore, Meg Houck

Caller:  Jeff Herrin

Michelle Hash