Parent Help Needed

Hi everyone,

Now that we’re a few weeks into 2020, it’s becoming more real that these great seniors and senior parents will soon be graduating and moving on!

Which means…we need to start training some additional parents for bingo. Please feel free to contact me ( with any questions, or you can contact any of the people named below (you can find contact info for many people on the website at or I can give you contact info). The best way to get an idea of how it works is to come out and volunteer some Saturday! We really appreciate those of you who have, and hope that some of you will join the regular rotation. If you want a little more information, keep reading.

Here’s the thing. The boosters’ budget for band programs for 2020-21 is about $220,000, and bingo contributes more than half of that (the rest is your band fees and other fundraisers – come to our meeting on Monday to see the details!). But it needs a group of involved parents to keep it going! We’re already very short-handed, and we have seven senior parents (not to mention some alumni parents) working regularly. These senior parents are super helpful and willing to train you – but the training needs to start now, while they’re still working regularly.

I’ve described the positions and our needs below. What we need most are people who are able to commit to working one Saturday a month in a trained position. One of the most common concerns is worrying about occasional conflicts – please don’t let this keep you from volunteering! We’re all flexible – we know that things come up, and people are willing to switch their schedules around as needed. We also have wonderful (current and future) alumni parents who can cover weekends when most current band parents have conflicts (concerts, competitions, prom, etc).

The following are the trained positions for Saturdays. Ideally each group would have a fixed Saturday – they work the first Saturday of each month, or the third, etc. People are flexible when someone needs to switch, and we rotate covering the fifth Saturday as needed. We will train you! Just let us know that you’re interested. You don’t need to know what you want to do – just come and check it out, and we’ll find a place for you. Every Saturday night at Jackpot Bingo in Eastland Shopping Center starting at 5 p.m.

Pulltab supervisor/assistants – the band students sell pulltab card games for $1 each. The pulltab team decides on the games to play, sends them out with the students, and handles the payouts for these games. The supervisor handles the paperwork for the evening and is also the person in charge of any issues that occur at the bingo hall. Our current supervisors are Susan Cohen (senior parent), Jenny Minier (junior parent), and Rebecca Scott. Rebecca and Susan have regularly been working twice a month. We desperately need additional assistants (ideally two per week) and another team with a supervisor! Current assistants are Dana Moore (junior parent), Meg Houck, Steve Stoltz (senior parent), and Tim Clifford. Please feel free to contact Susan, Jenny, Rebecca, Dana, Meg, Steve, or Tim about these positions.

Paper side team – the paper side sells the bingo games, both on paper and computers that play the game automatically. They are in charge of payouts for the bingo games. Our current paper side teams are Delayna Care (senior parent) and Amy Taylor, Stephany Livingood and Jon Livingood (senior parents), and Debbie Stepter (alumni parent) and Michelle Hash. Sandra Palmer (alumni parent) also worked two nights in January 2020. We desperately need additional paper side teams! Please feel free to contact Delayna, Amy, Stephany, Jon, Debbie, Michelle, or Sandra about these positions.

Caller – this is the person who calls the bingo games and is the focal point of the night! We currently have four callers, which is great – but two of them are senior parents, so it would be excellent to start training new callers. The current group of callers is Mike Wiatrowski (senior parent), Robert Scott (junior parent), Jeff Herrin (senior parent), and Carrie Rudzik. Louis Stepter (alumni parent) has also worked regularly.

Additional positions

Bingo Treasurer – this is currently David Cohen, a senior parent. This involves providing the paperwork to the bingo supervisor every week, and filing quarterly reports with the state Department of Charitable Gaming. This would probably be easiest for someone with a background in accounting or law, and/or someone comfortable with basic accounting and using Excel.

Scheduler – this person communicates with Mr. Bayerle and sends out the weekly lists of who’s working. Michelle Hash has done this for several years and would like to move into a position working on Saturdays. This is a good option for someone with internet access who has time during the week (and a great way to help if Saturdays don’t work for you).

Special thanks to all of the parents currently working bingo! In addition to everyone named here, we have a team of people who count the paper bingo games and pull tabs during the week so they’re ready to go on Saturday: Amy Sommer (senior parent), Mary Kitts, Elizabeth Hait, Julia Rockwood, and Sally Wiatrowski (senior parent). We will need some more counters soon, too…

We’d love to have you join us! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We hope to see you at bingo soon!


Jenny Minier
Henry Clay Band Boosters