Stadium Seat Removal

Dear Henry Clay Band family:

Just a reminder that THIS Saturday, December 14th, we need all hands on deck at Kroger Field to remove the stadium seats we installed back in August. All band members are required to help out. Everyone, please show up as close to 11am as possible. The sooner we finish, the sooner we can all leave. We MUST be out of the seating bowl by 3:30, and also clear of the concourse on the press box side, so removal and then stacking on that side will be our top priority. We can continue to stack in the other concourse after 3:30 if needed. With everyone working, we should be done by then.

–          DRESS WARM!!! Warm socks, Gloves, Hats, Layers

–          If you have them, bring 9/16 inch socket (hand or cordless drill mount) or wrench. Please label your tools.

–          Also, if you have them, vise-grips (also maybe a can of WD-40 if there’s 1 around the house. We will have a few)

–          Eat a good meal before you come

–          Park in Green Lot and Enter Gate 1 (again see maps, if needed)

Stadium Seat Parking and Entry

Right now, it looks like it might not be terribly cold, anyway. Warm clothes and a waterproof jacket/hood would be wise, just in case. We will have access to Wildcat Den so workers can get in out of the cold, and Hospitality will provide some drinks and light snacks on our quick breaks.

For those who are new, this is what we do: 1) detach seatbacks; 2) remove seatbacks to concourse; 3) stack seatbacks on pallets in groupings of 4, for a total of 32 seats per tier, 5 tiers high; 4) wrap pallets for transport.

Since we will be stacking 5 tiers high, it is important that they are stacked correctly and tightly together (for stability, as requested by the forklift operator who has to load them all onto a trailer). The video previously posted by the seating company has been removed, so we will see about getting some pictures as visual reference.

Again, ALL BAND STUDENTS are required to help. Only those who will be at All-State auditions, or who have cleared it with the directors will be excused. Students taking the ACT will have an “excused tardy”, and we should be done in plenty of time for folks working Bingo to regroup. Parents, siblings, family and friends are all welcome to help out! Please let us know if you have any questions.

 ****Side note – Anyone interested in possibly taking the reins on this fundraiser, please let us know. As of now, there is nobody to coordinate for next year. We won’t leave you on your own, though, so you will have the benefit of keeping us on “duty” as co-organizers and coordinators.

See you Saturday!

Drew and Michelle Slayton
Stadium Seatback Fundraiser Coordinators