I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


Concert apparel is ready for all new concert band members.  If your student did not bring it home on Tuesday, please remind them to take it off the rack and bring it home on Monday.  Your student will need to try these items on again to make sure they were fitted correctly and to see if any alterations need to be done.  It is the responsibility of the student/parent to make any necessary alterations, which would include hemming or letting out the hem on your students dress/pants.  Please DO NOT cut off the extra length on these items as they must be used in the future.  Your student will keep these items as long as they are in band or until they out grow them.  If the garment has been damaged/length cut off, you will be responsible for the full amount to replace the item.


If your student was remeasured for concert apparel, please return their current concert apparel to the band room no later than Wednesday 12/04.  It must be returned in the garment bag with their name on it so that we know who returned it and we can issue the new apparel to them in the same bag.  If you were remeasured for a specific item only (ex: pants) you would only need to return the item that needs to be replaced, but again, it must be in the garment bag you were originally issued.  All items should be dry cleaned prior to returning them to the band room.

NOTE:  We will not reissue any items until your student has turned in the item(s) that need to be replaced.

Please remember the Winter Concert is December 10th (soon) so make sure to have your student try on their concert wear now so that we can provide them with proper fitting attire.

Thank you,
Mary Kitts
Uniform/Concert Apparel Committee