Concert Percussion Assignments

Dear Band Family,

Please see the below list of concert percussion assignments for our Advanced 2nd Hour Percussion class. All 2nd hour percussionists should plan to be at rehearsals for their assigned ensemble (as is a class requirement) and coordinate their schedules with the after school rehearsals listed on the band calendar.

One quick minor adjustment to the after school rehearsal schedule…the wind ensemble will NOT rehearse next Monday, November 4th as we will be bringing in a guest director for a jazz clinic on Tues. Nov. 5th and he will be arriving Monday afternoon.

As a reminder to all HC band members, after school rehearsals with your band class and the assigned percussionists are mandatory for participation in the program and are major portions of the grade for all “co-curricular” band classes. Please be prepared for each after school rehearsal on the calendar at

Wind Ensemble:

Emma Gray

Josh Slayton

Clay Fiscus

Aidan Boyd

Quincy Winkler

Aaron Moseley

Symphonic Band:

Savannah Hoffman

Rachel Herrin

Spencer Cook

Grace Kennedy

Emma Krouse

Concert Band:

Miykel Bates

Liam Boyd

Brandon Sanders

Hannah Boston


Bill Kite

Director of Bands

Henry Clay High School