Reminders, and Helpful Indy Info

Hi, Band Family.  We have a lot going on, don’t we?  Here are some reminders, followed by some helpful Indy Info.

Wednesday:  Parents, please make sure you search your inboxes for the little surprise email I sent out.  If I post about it here the surprise will be ruined!  As a reminder, the time is about 6:15 and in that email I sent there is a signup for food donations.

Thursday: 8th-grade tours!  Check Mr. Kite’s email.  Send extra money for the mall!

Signup for Indy Food Donations:  From Jenn Krouse:  “Please remember that I need all donations in by end of day on Wednesday so I can load the carts on Thursday while the kids are on the middle school tour.  Also, if your kid has any special needs as far as food is concerned and we have not previously talked, please shoot me an email ( or text (859.213.2334).

Please, please re-read Mr. Kite’s email and linked itinerary!!!  Multiple times.  Please make sure you check the weather so you know how to dress.

BOA Indy!!!  Please note, backpacks and fanny packs are not allowed in the stadium!!!  No exceptions!!!  No outside food or drink.

Who is performing and when?

Tickets available at the box office, Lucas Oil Stadium, or here:
Tickets:  Prelims – $23
Finals General Admission – $27
Finals Reserved – $36
Super Ticket (G.A. Prelims and Finals Reserved) – $63 (This means you’ll have reserved seats for finals…with all those bands that might be a nice thing.)
Discounts are offered for students, military, and seniors (65+) on-site at the box office only.

Parking:  $10

Pictures and Video: Pictures and video from the field…don’t do it!!!  Pictures from the stands are OK, but videos are NOT!!  Only our designated videographer is allowed to take video, period.  If you get caught taking video without permission, our band could be penalized points.

Daily Overall Itinerary:

Stadium Map:  Please note band flow so you know where to sit!

Stadium Overview Map:  Please pay attention to lane closures for the streets surrounding the stadium.

More Detailed Band Flow: (this seems upside-down compared to the other maps, but it might just be me)

Can’t attend?:  Check it all out on This is a paid service.

What to Pack:  Bring the same stuff as last time but with one fewer changes of clothes. Don’t forget toiletries, especially deodorant!!  Please try to get all their sleeping stuff (air bed, sleeping bag, or bedroll/palette, pillow, blanket) into one bag if possible!  Also, send money with the kids in case they want to buy souvenirs.  We haven’t been to a competition this big in a while, so I bet they will!!  They’ll also need money for Friday night dinner at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Overnight:  The kids and chaperones are spending Friday night at SportZone, 6601 Coffman Rd #2598 Indianapolis, IN 46268.  They’ll be sleeping “drum corp style” on the floor.  Here’s the link:  If you are thinking about a nearby hotel:   You have to scroll down to see the hotels that might have “deals”.

I’m sure I left something out.  Let me know what it is!  Also, on a personal note, I will not chaperone this weekend, but I’ll be around.  Take care of each other, Band Family!  It’s going to be an amazing, exciting, electric, exhausting, wonderful weekend, but only if we truly look out for one another.  Let’s do this!!!!  #ICEWORLD2019

Rebecca Scott
HCBB Communications Committee Member