Muncie BOA Info for Parents

Good morning, Band Family.  Here are some useful pieces of information for this weekend’s competition.  Make sure to arrive early, because we go on at 9:15.

First, please review Mr. Kite’s itinerary.  Crucial details here!

Second, label everything!!!  We always come home with a big bag of lost and found.

Ticket:  $33 for the all-day pass, or $23 each for Prelims and Finals.

Spectator Parking:  Free parking!!  Here’s a map of the area.

Performance:  Currently schedule for 9:15am.  See the order of bands here:

Overnight Location for Friday:  Northside Middle School’s parking lot is also the Pit warm-up location.  Don’t plan on parking there!

Food:  Dinner is on your own on Friday after camp day. The kids will have breakfast Saturday morning in the middle school gym where we’re staying.  They’ll eat at 11:00 in the picnic area, and dinner will be at 5:00.  They’ll have breakfast on Sunday at the hotel before heading home.  There are still some slots open on the SignUpGenius, so please help Hospitality get those filled!

Weather:  You never know!  Right now, Saturday looks to be partly cloudy with a high of 69, but that can change in a heartbeat.  Plan accordingly.

Packing:  Pack light but bring the essentials.  Don’t send luggage.  Kids will need cash for extra food and souvenirs while watching other bands in the stadium.  PLEASE encourage them NOT to fill up on tons of sweets.  The sugar crash that follows is not good. On Saturday they’ll need their unofficial uniform (show shirt, black bottoms, black crew socks, band jacket or guard warm-up suits).  Make sure they pack any instruments and spare parts they might need, including reeds and oil.  They’ll need sleeping clothes for Friday and Saturday nights, and a change of clothes for Sunday.  Please make sure to pack all necessary meds and toiletries, especially things like deodorant and dry shampoo.  Baby wipes are your friend!! Friday night we’re sleeping on the gym floor.  Most kids bring an air mattress and sleeping bag or blanket and pillow.  Some like to take a blanket and pillow on the bus with them.  Back-up cell phone chargers are a great idea.

Late-breaking news!  Mini-camp on Friday will now be from 8 to 2!  Students must be in the band room before 6pm to depart for Muncie.

Rebecca Scott