Century Resources Fundraiser

Dear Band Family,

As you know our Century Resources fundraiser went home yesterday. We will be selling this for almost 2 weeks. All orders should be turned in on Tuesday October 8th by the school day or the end of rehearsal. They came home with 2 catalogs plus information for the online store which you will find below. If someone places an online order there is No need to add it to the paper order. Checks payable to HCBB. Unlike years past…. This year money is Due the same time the orders are! However, if someone needs to use a credit card. They may scan the back of the order form. That will prompt an order that looks online but it’s still a standard order. They will not have access to any customers credit card numbers. Orders made online will get shipped directly to the customer.  Feel free to share the online information on social media. Delivery date is set for Wednesday October 23rd.

      We know this is a lot of fundraising at the beginning of the year. But please keep in mind….We Do Not receive any funding from the school district to fund our band programs. Without fundraising, we would have to either raise ALL band fees or do without music (we have to pay for the music our students play), repairing instruments and so much more. This effects every band class. So please support our fundraising efforts.
      If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kim Thompson at Thompson_winkler@hotmail.com or 310-210-7636,  Debbie Stepter at Stepter4@live.com or 859-576-6821.
Thank you for your support!!
Kim Thompson and
Debbie Stepter
HCBB Ways and Means Chairs