HCBAND: Louisville Trip and Tips for Parents

Good afternoon, Band Family.  I want to start by thanking all of you wonderful band parents who pulled together to make our trip to Lafayette HS as smooth as possible.  You rock!  Our remaining shows will be a lot different, because Bands of America (BOA) has some very different rules.  Here are some tips.

Here is a link to the show schedule.  You’ll see that we step on the field at 10am.  That’s early!  Please thoroughly review Mr. Kite’s itinerary from last week.  As a reminder, if you show up on time, you’re already late!!!!

BOA Schedule:  https://marching.musicforall.org/event/louisville19/

Mr. Kite’s Itinerary:  https://henryclayband.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/9-21-19-boa-louisville-itinerary-1.pdf

Hair:  Please help us out by sending your kid with their hair already arranged to fit in their marching hats. We’ll be braiding hair for pit kids on the bus ride.  Pit parents, please send bobby pins and hair ties if you can.

Lunch:  Kids need to bring money for lunch, about $10 or so.  They will also want to buy cool BOA gear (t-shirts, patches, etc…), so you might want to send extra for that.  An email about dinner and sign-up genius came out earlier today.

Parking:  You will not be able to park with the buses and trucks. The Cardinal Stadium staffers will direct you how to pay and where to park. Parking is $10. Outside food and beverages are not allowed.  There will be concessions available to purchase inside the stadium.  2800 South Floyd Street, Louisville, KY 40209 United States

Photography:  You may only take photos from your seats in the stands.  NO VIDEO!  I can’t stress this enough.  We will have one person designated as our videographer.  That’s it.  NO VIDEO!!!!!  Leave the tri-pods at home, folks.  They are not allowed.  No photography is permitted at field level.  Road Crew:  don’t use your cell phones to take pictures while you’re down there.

Tickets:  Combined tickets for both prelims and finals are $32 if you buy them together.  Tickets for Prelims purchased alone are $22, and tickets for finals alone are $22.  We will only have 15 free tickets for chaperones and other personnel.  Please tell parents/friends/family who plan to attend that they are responsible for purchasing their own tickets.  We have an extremely limited number of field passes that have to be reserved for directors, staff, and road crew.  If we don’t make finals, field pass holders will need to purchase tickets if they wish to enter the stadium to watch the finalist bands perform.  Here is the link to the ticket site: https://musicforall.secure.force.com/ticket/#/instances/a0Ff40000079iGjEAI

Please see attached map so you can get where you need to be.  Thanks again and see you there!  MAP-19-Cardinal-Stadium

Rebecca Scott