Show Day Details for tomorrow and BOA Louisville Itinerary for next week!!

Dear MB Family,

First, THANK YOU to all! The work the parents have done to help us prepare for our first show tomorrow has been absolutely incredible! The props, uniforms, hospitality, chaperone info, and all other logistics are thoroughly planned and tomorrow will be a GREAT day for the HC Band program! We hope to see you all at our performances! We will release finals performance times after the draw based upon the preliminary result tomorrow afternoon and will post on social media.
Please see the details concerning the tomorrow morning rehearsal plan below. We need to rehearse entering and exiting the field with ALL pit crew members around 11:00 AM. We will also attempt to release a few minutes early due to the enormous task of loading 7 huge props and the detailed process the color guard will go through to prepare makeup, etc. for the show!

Sat. 9/14 Lafayette Show Day Plan:

8:00- Guard on turf, Pit warmup on track, winds/battery in student lot for warmup/stretch
8:15- FUNdamentals with Bayerle in lot
8:35- Music Warmup
9:00- Everyone on turf in stadium rehearsing ballad with props (please bring to field before 8 AM)
9:30- Full ensemble Waltz
10:00- Scene 2 Hold 4 to end work backwards
10:30- Scene 1
11:00- Rehearse entering field with pit crew
11:10- Show run
11:20- Rehearse exiting field with pit crew

We’re going to try to release early with the amount of prop loading and guard show prep work to be done.

Lunch (we recommend bringing a bag lunch)….change into unofficial uniform (show shirt, solid black shorts, long black socks, black marching shoes)…guard prepares for show

1:00- Full band meeting in band room
1:15- Depart for Lafayette HS

Follow rest of itinerary for Show Day!!

Proud of you all for your effort so far! Let’s GO!!

Next, please see the attached BOA Louisville Regional Championship Itinerary for next week, Sat. 9/21. I wanted to release this today to give you a heads up on how to prepare next week. Please follow all details carefully! Parents, please understand that each pit crew member MUST have a field pass at national BOA shows. Anyone entering the field area without proper credentials causes a scoring penalty to the band. Chaperones will get a ticket and at a certain point will leave the band and will have to enter the stadium with other spectators, not the field area. Only pit crew members, staff, and students can enter the field next week with the proper passes. We will work through other national show details next week!

9-21-19 BOA Louisville Itinerary

We are looking forward to an exciting start to the competition season! Let’s pack the stands tomorrow at Lafayette HS!

Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School