Lafayette Invitational Info for Parents

Good afternoon, Band Family.  What an exciting week!  Here are some details that might help you navigate this Saturday’s competition at Lafayette HS.

Before anything else, we have a desperate need for help in getting the props and front ensemble instrument to and from the field!! Any and all hands are welcome!  We NEED you!!! Contact Jon Livingood at 859-684-2755 TODAY!!!  We need volunteers for all competition weekends!!!!  This is a very serious situation.  Our “best show” will not happen without more people.  This is for the kids!!!!!

First of all, please reread Mr. Kite’s itinerary from last week!

Second, for those of you who might be new, if your student is on time, they’re already late.

Lunch:  You should probably send a lunch with your student or swing by and drop one off.  There’s not a lot of time between the end of rehearsal and the start of the pre-show meeting.

During lunch your student must change into the unofficial uniform.  Solid black shorts (or HC Band shorts), blue HC band shirt, crew length black socks, and black marching shoes.  Returning students should find and clean marching shoes now! New and re-ordered shoes will be distributed soon.  Stay tuned.  (Hint:  label shoes.  They all look the same.)

Chaperones:  Meet outside the band room door at 12:45 to go over things and get your lanyard.

Tickets!  Come out and watch the show!  Tickets are $10 general admission and $5 for children 10 and under.  You can purchase tickets online until the 13th.  Here’s the link:  (Also, I think that might be Mr. Bayerle’s birthday…don’t quote me on that.)  Tickets are available at the ticket window at Lafayette on competition day as well.

Parking!  Here’s the link to the parking guide.  Please don’t get towed!

Your students are with the band all day.  You’re welcome to come visit them at our parking lot site.  Just look for the big black HC truck near the bus parking at Lafayette HS.  We will feed your student dinner (burgers and dogs) and have snacks.

We step on the field to perform at 3:30pm sharp. Once we know more about our schedule for finals, we will post the time to our Facebook page.  Watch this space!

The buses will have your students back at HCHS around 11:30. Please understand that some students will be responsible for unloading and putting away instruments before they’re cleared to leave.

That’s all for now!  Roll, Blue Band!