Time adjustment to our Sat. Sept. 7th Camp Day

Dear Marching Band Family,

I hope all are well! I wanted to touch base with everyone quickly about a minor time adjustment to our rehearsal schedule for our camp day on Saturday, September 7th in our stadium at HC.
We have moved the times for rehearsal on Sat. Sept. 7th up a 1/2 hour so the camp day will run from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM instead of 9-5. This camp day is crucial to our success this season and this change was made to help accommodate Bingo Team Slayton so they can get to the hall on time and not miss any valuable information at the end of rehearsal that day. We hope this minor adjustment won’t cause any issues and that it will be easier for the students who are working all day and again at night for Bingo.
Mr. Bayerle and I appreciate all of your efforts and your commitment to the program! The show is coming along nicely, but we still have some major work to layer in before we will be ready to perform at Lafayette for our first contest of the year in two weeks. We are excited about the performance season getting underway!
I hope everyone has a safe and restful weekend!
Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School