Message to the Band Family

Band family,

I would like for you to glance down at your hands for just a moment. Do you plan to use those hands this competition season to repair a uniform, fix a collar, top a hat with a plume, fasten a gauntlet, tie a shoe, dish up a plate, hand out a bottle of water, paint a prop, repair a prop, push a prop or instrument to the playing field, pull yourself onto a bus on which you are a chaperone, inflate a mattress to sleep on a hard gym floor with the band kids, clean vomit out of a drum or spend half the night up tending to an ill marcher? If so, welcome to the 2019 Henry Clay Road Crew! In an effort to make us stand out amongst the other bands this year, a few of us decided we needed a Road Crew shirt. If you fit any of the descriptions mention above, please consider purchasing a HC Band Road Crew shirt for competition days. The shirt can be bought at cost ($7.50 for most sizes, $2 up charge for XXL and a $3 up charge for XXXL.) You can pay in cash or check. I will be placing the order for the shirts Friday, September 6th. Bring your size and payment to Jon Livingood sometime before then. Make sure you sign the receipt form and leave me your size. You can usually find me down by the band trailer. If I left any of our support personnel out of the description above, please forgive me and consider yourself part of the Road Crew as well! We are all part of the band family and are here to support the kids on competition days in various capacities. Attached is the shirt we have available based on David Cohen’s suggestions. It is the same ice blue color as the show shirt.

If you have any questions you can contact me directly at or text me at 18596842755

Thank you!

Jon Livingood