road crew/pit crew/prop crew – how to help!

Band family:

By now, you’ve heard several mentions of the road crew/pit crew/prop crew. As we head towards the end of band camp, it’s the right time to tell you a little more about the props and equipment part of things, so that you’ll know what we do and want to join in.

As a group, we have two big areas of responsibility: (1) we create the field props and related materials for the marching show; and (2) we transport props, instruments, uniforms and equipment to and from marching competitions, move props and front ensemble instruments to and from the field and help set and clear the field. We also do every odd job that presents itself. The goal is to make competition days run as smoothly as possible for our children and our band staff, and to make everyone’s experience as enjoyable as possible.

Every year, but especially this year, there is a tremendous amount of work that is required to get the props ready for the season to start. We are an inclusive group that welcomes all skill levels. Right now, there are three things we need:

(1) To get ready for the preview performance this Friday night, and to work on preparing for the coming season, we are going to work on painting and assembling the field props for Ice World. We will be working near the softball field, behind the area where the kids rehearse and adjacent to the band trailer, every afternoon this week.

(2) To present the best show possible, and look as smooth and efficient as possible (trust me, other bands and the judges notice), we are going to need a crew of 20 dedicated prop crew members. Ideally, these crew members will need to attend all four competitions, but it is critically important that if at all possible, the same people work the props for all three BOA shows. Right now we have only 10 people; please consider making this your job for the season.

(3) We will also need a group of people available to help load and unload the trucks, move the front ensemble equipment to and from the field, and help with moving the other large instruments, uniform carts, hospitality carts and related items. While it is easier to swap people out on these jobs from week to week, knowing the ropes definitely helps.

Our kids, and our directors, have committed to the most ambitious season HCMB has had in a long time. All of our children’s experiences are riding on the biggest number of parents having the biggest level of involvement. And although it sounds like a lot of work (and it is) you have some of the most fun, and make some of the best friends, by putting your shoulder to the wheel with us.

Please, please, please dig in and be a part of things. Text the crew at 859-684-2755 to volunteer!

Jon Livingood