Information Round Up August 1, 2019

Hello, Band Family. This one is long, but important.  Make sure you read it all!

It’s water balloon filling time!  Make sure your kid comes home with details!  Don’t drive off tonight without them!  The annual water balloon fight will be tomorrow during band camp.

Henry Clay Band Boosters Special July 2019 meeting

The Henry Clay Band Boosters had a Special Called meeting on July 29, 2019 at 6pm in the Connector.  Minutes are attached.  Basically, the booster organization voted to spend previously un-budgeted funds to pay for the marching band’s hotel stay on the return trip from the Muncie, IN Bands of America show.  New parents, this means that we voted to spend money that the Boosters already have earned and set aside.  This does not mean that you need to write a check for a hotel stay.  This is mostly money we earned due to our fundraising efforts, like Bingo.

Bingo:  Speaking of bingo, we need you!  Specifically, if you know a concert-only family that would be interested in volunteering at one of our trained positions (caller and paper sales, in particular), please let me know as soon as possible!  We’ve got supervisors for all marching dates covered but still need a caller and some paper side helpers to get us through marching season.  Also, we have one more Bingo 101 date scheduled for this Saturday, and nobody has signed up for caller or paper side.  We need you!

Communications:  Please let us know immediately if you’re not getting communications!

Sponsors:  The deadline for corporate sponsor logos is tomorrow, August 2.  Let me know if you need the contract sent to you again.  So far, we only have 4 sponsors!!  Not good.  Let’s get this moving!  Please, ask anybody you know who has a small business and would like to stretch their advertising dollars.

Parent Preview Show:  Corrected Information:

There was a slight error in the communication about what to bring for dinner next Friday. Every family needs to bring a main dish (casserole, a couple of pizzas, a few orders of chicken fingers) to share. Also, each family is asked to bring a side or a dessert to share as well. For example, I am bringing a dish of stuffed shells and brownies. Another parent mentioned picking up 25 chicken fingers and some cole slaw. We’ll put all main dishes, sides and desserts out. Hospitality will provide all the paper products.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Mary 859-221-0418

Sign Up here to help set up or clean up. 

Parent Preview Uniforms:  The new students will receive their new blue band shirts between the end of rehearsal and the start of the potluck.  Returning students should bring or wear their blue band shirt.  All students should present for the parent preview show after the potluck wearing the blue band shirt, black shorts, black crew socks, and tennis shoes.  For you new parents:  this is called the unofficial uniform.  This is important to remember since Mr. Kite will reference the “unofficial uniform” many times in the coming weeks.  Once the marching shoes arrive they will wear these instead of tennis shoes as the unofficial uniform.

If a returning student needs a replacement blue shirt have them find me, Paula Howard, or Shannon Scott during pick-up this week or early next week.  You can also email<spanstyle=”mso-spacerun:yes”>  The replacement cost is $12.  Checks can be made payable to HCBB. After the Parent Preview Show the marchers will all head on over to the Heartland Clubhouse Pool for a 9pm pool party.  More details to come!

Ways and Means:  Kim Thompson wants to remind you that all money from the sale of raffle tickets should be placed back in the envelope provided with the stubs from all tickets sold. Please make sure that the full name and phone number of the purchaser is on the back of EACH stub! We appreciate your efforts to meet our goal of 10 tickets sold per marcher!

If you would like more, Kim will be available every evening after band camp near the office in the band room – or email/text me (310-210-7636, and I will give them to your student! The drawing will take place during the potluck dinner before the Parent Preview Show on Friday 8/9/19 at 6 pm. All money and tickets must be turned in prior to that time.

We know that fundraising isn’t on everyone’s thrill list but – remember –this band program has no funding other than what we raise each year – so keep selling and WE APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT TO KEEP THE BAND STRONG AT HENRY CLAY!

Spirit Wear:  The group order form site we’ve used in the past to sell spirit wear has gone out of business.  You did not miss the link!  Our merchandise is ready to sell, but please stay tuned as I identify an alternative mechanism.  Any e-commerce geniuses in the group?  Let me know!

Ways and Means, Part 2: Please support our first SPIRIT NIGHT for the 2019/2020 season at TOLLY HO on TUESDAY SEPT. 17TH!!!  The band will receive 20 % of all purchases made between 4 pm and 10 pm with the mention of HCMB.  Remember – the band receives only the money we can fund-raise – so please help to keep this program strong for your kids! Show your support in this fun way – it’s a delicious win-win!!  Tolly Ho, 606 S. Broadway, Lexington KY 40508.  Tues. Sept. 17th, 4-10 PM

I think that’s it for now!  If you have an item you’d like to post in the weekly information round-up, please reach out to Adrienne McKinney, Suzonne Bunch, me, or any other member of the Communications Committee.

Rebecca Scott