Marching Band First Aid Info

Dear Marching Band families:

Our first aid team will be on hand during camp to administer minor first aid, including tending to minor strains, sprains and pains; and to monitor for heat-related illness.

If your child has a medical condition or is on medication that places them at increased risk for heat injury, please email me if you would like to disclose this information.

If your child IS NOT allowed to receive over the counter medications please email me.

Additionally, if your child has any prescription medication or an EpiPen that needs tobe kept cool and on hand during camp, please have them give it to the first aid parent each morning and remember to collect it each evening. There is a small amount of space in the cool part of the first aid kit where we can store it for them.

Thanks and here’s to a great first week of band camp!

Kim Thompson, M.D.
Cell Phone: 310-210-7636