Introduction to Bingo

Good evening, Band Family.

As many of you know, bingo revenue is largely what makes our band program possible.  In fact, roughly two-thirds of our annual operating budget is funded by bingo.  These dollars pay for a variety of things…everything from new instruments and instrument repair, to our marching band show design, to musical literature, to salary support….all the way down the line to bus rental and gasoline for all of our many excellent band programs.

In short, bingo revenue is vital to the continued success of our programs.  We literally can’t do the things we do without it.  The experiences our kids have depends upon it.
This is where you come in.
We currently have a need for new parents in our bingo program.  This is our major fundraising activity and, here’s the good news, it’s fun!  Please follow the link below to sign up for an opportunity to check out what our bingo program entails.  Meet fellow band parents and join your kids in meeting their new and returning band family members.  After all, we’re all in this together!  Future dates and times will follow soon, so if these options don’t work for you stay tuned!
Paper side sales:  These folks sell traditional paper and hand-held computer bingo games to our supportive patrons.  People in these jobs like working with the general public.
Pull-tab sales:  These folks help our student volunteers sell little $1 cardboard tabs to our patrons.  People in these jobs like working with the students.
Callers:  These folks run the bingo calling using a headset.  They MC the bingo games.  People in these jobs like controlling the room and don’t mind being on stage.
Money counters:  These folks count the money the kids bring back from pull-tab sales.  Easy work, even for people mathematically challenged (like me).
Here’s the link.  Please, come check it out!  More dates and times to follow soon!
Thanks for your time!
Rebecca Scott
Band Mom, Bingo Liaison
Henry Clay HS Band (in case you have questions)