Concert wear: tuxes and dresses

Concert wear: Keep it or turn it in?

If your child is returning to band for the 2019-20 school year, keep it. If something is damaged or no longer fits, we will take care of it in September. (Even if you’re keeping it, it’s not a bad idea to get it dry cleaned.)
If your child is a senior or is not returning to band, turn it in.
1. Tuxes/dresses need to be dry cleaned before being returned. Bluegrass Cleaners on Richmond Road will do it for a great price: $9.50/tux (includes jacket, pants, shirt, cumberbund, bow tie), $4.50/dress. Make sure you tell them you’re with HC Band.
2. Tuxes/dresses need to be returned with the dry cleaning tag attached in the garment bag that was issued to your child. Make sure their name is still in the pocket on the bag so we can have an accurate record of who has returned their clothes.
3. Hang the garment bag on the rack in theband room.
4. Clothes need to be returned by Friday, May 17, which is the date of the Pops Concert. (They do not need these clothes for that concert.)
If you choose not to have the concert wear dry cleaned, enclose $15 with it, and the committee will take care of it.
If you have questions, contact Mary Kitts at
Regards,  Sandra Palmer  HCBB president