Booster Meeting Monday Night

Dear Parents, Monday night’s meeting will be crowded. Please get there early to allow time to get parked and seated.

Pops Concert: Our Pops Concert is May 17. Sections have been assigned items to bring for silent auction baskets. If you’d like to bring those to Monday’s meeting, the Pops committee will gladly accept your donations. The sections and basket themes list is at the bottom of the email. After the meeting, tables for this concert will be on sale. Cash or check only. Historically, they have sold out at the booster meeting. Table sharing is encouraged. If you don’t need all 8 seats find a buddy to share with. The kids come and go throughout the night so if you have a seat for them, that’s great, but if not, they’ll be up and down anyway.

Disney:  We anticipate holding a Disney meeting in May for all those who are interested in that trip which will happen next Spring Break. We’re working on a date for that. Reminder, to be eligible for that trip the student must be current on all band dues.

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Parents: As we’ve said throughout the year, we have a lot of parents with seniors. Their time of serving the band is quickly coming to an end. There are critical volunteer positions to be filled. Here are a few of them along with the type of person who might find it fulfilling:

If you like to work with a team, like numbers and get a sense of satisfaction when your “expected deposit” and “actual deposit” match: Bingo assistant or bingo supervisor

If you’re comfortable “commanding” the room: bingo caller

If you like to be in charge, keep things running smoothly, and welcome the occasional hiccup that requires in-the-moment decision-making: bingo paper supervisor

If you like to work at your computer, on your own time, and sending out emails: bingo volunteer coordinator or recording secretary

If you’d like to be a support person for the team but prefer to work alone: Bingo paper counter

If you are a planner and like to organize things and love to hear 150 people genuinely say thank you multiple times over the course of the day: Hospitality person for marching season

If you think you might be interested in any of these positions and have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. A huge thank you to those who have recently raised your hand and offered to take a committee position or have begun training in a bingo position! (For a detailed description of volunteer positions:,)

Silent Auction Baskets: Here’s the list of baskets for the Pops Concert (If you see something cute or useful for a different section’s basket, we’ll gladly accept that too.):
Flutes – Coffee/Tea (Coffee & Tea for Thee
Clarinets – Pets (Pampered Pets)
Saxophones – All Around Kentucky (Hey Y’all)
Trombones – Kitchen/Dining (What’s Cooking?)
Oboes/Bassoons/French horns – Summer fun at beach/picnic/outdoors (Fun in the Sun!)
Trumpets – UK (Go Wildcats!)
1st hr. Percussion – Car Care (At the Car Wash)
3rd hr. Percussion – Gardening (Dig It)
Guard – Fitness (Healthy Habits)

See you tomorrow night!  Sandra Palmer  Band Booster President