Letter and Bar Request

Dear Marching Band Family,  It is that time again, as we prepare for the banquet at the end of the year, when I need requests for
students who have earned the HCHS Band Letter and/or Bar.

Please see the following requirements for obtaining a Band Letter and/or Bar:

Criteria for Earning Letters and Bars
Letters and bars are awarded as recognition to students enrolled at Henry Clay H.S. for achievement in the overall band program. Eligible students must request letters/bars from the director.
Letter plus one Bar (Color Guard members will also receive a Color Guard Bar)
(Must meet all four criteria)

  1. Complete first and second semester of band with apassing grade.(Not required for Color Guard members not enrolled in band class.)
  1. Participate in band camp.
  1. Participate in marching band season.
  1. Participate in Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band,Concert Band, Percussion Class,or Color Guard spring season (if conducted).


  • Participate in band or color guard for four years without previously earning a letter.

Additional Bars

  • One bar is given for each additional band or color guard year as described above after receiving a band letter.

Please email me (Jeffrey.bayerle@fayette.kyschools.us) with your Letter and/or

Bar request by this Friday, April 12th. DO NOT EMAIL MR. KITE. ANY REQUEST AFTER APRIL 12th WILL NOT BE FILLED.

Reminder: only letter is issued to each eligible student throughout a 4 year high school career and

1 bar per year (4 total).

Thank you for all you do!

Sincerely,  Jeff Bayerle