Disney discussion and Pops Concert Committee update

Good morning!

At our band booster meeting on Monday night, we will have some information from the Pops Concert Committee in regard to ticket sales and other details for the upcoming event.

We had enough people indicate interest in the Disney trip that we will continue that discussion. What we did not have was anyone volunteer to be the liaison between the tour company and the band parents/students. In order for us to go forward, we must have a parent who will agree to be the coordinator for the group. This does NOT mean you will be planning the trip but might be involved in hashing out some of the details. The tour company will take care of the logistics (hotel, park passes, restaurants, etc.). The coordinator will get details from the tour company and then be able to answer parent questions, will collect paperwork and follow up, and possibly collect payments. Ideally, this parent would be planning to go on the trip. Please let me know if you are interested.

See you Monday, at 7:00 pm, in the band room.

Sandra Palmer slhpalmer@twc.com