Pep Band for Tuesday 3/5 Girls Regional Final

Dear Band Family,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks to all who have been performing in pep band. Unfortunately, the boys were eliminated on Friday night in the regional final, but our HC girls team has advanced to their regional final at EKU tomorrow, Tues. 3/5.
Call time is 6:45 PM dressed in HC colors. The game is at 8:00 PM at EKU. Please see the below list of students selected to perform in Pep Band for tomorrow’s game. Please notify me immediately if there is a conflict so I can find a sub.
Pep Band (Tues. 3/5) Instrument
Danielle Dutton Flute
Phoebe Tripure Flute
Elizabeth Piper Flute
Lauren Sommer Flute
Erica Currier Clarinet
Sarah Palmer Clarinet
Haiden Moore Clarinet
Alexa Wiseman Clarinet
Cooper Cohron Alto Sax
Milo Flannery Alto Sax
Elijah Gray Bari Sax
Clay Sommer Mellophone
Chloe Shirey Mellophone
Amelia McKinney Mellophone
Luke Buzard Trumpet
Ben Montgomery Trumpet
Ginny Price Trumpet
Thomas Robb Trumpet
Mickey Taylor Trumpet
Ethan Scott Trumpet
Addison York Baritone
Ian Holt Baritone
Isaiah DeRoy Sousaphone
Jude Holder Sousaphone
Max Rodriguez Sousaphone
Emma Gray Bass
Aidan Boyd Drumset
Michael Lanham Snare
Josh Slayton Snare
Thanks to all for your efforts the past few weeks!
Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School