All District Jazz and Pep Band

Dear Band Family,

Most have received the word by now that FCPS has called off school tomorrow.

We WILL still have All District Jazz Band rehearsals tomorrow night, all day Friday, and the concert on Saturday. Those students worked hard to earn the honor and will have a great experience this weekend!

We are also still planning on traveling with the Pep Band tomorrow night with a call time of 6:00 PM to support the Girls Basketball team in the regional tournament. I have to check and confirm the status of the bus reservation and will only send a message if they are NOT able to provide a bus tomorrow. Please plan accordingly and communicate any potential conflicts.

Thanks to all! We appreciate all of your support for teachers in the field in KY. We know that a successful community is built upon trust in the school community and family among students, teachers, parents, and administrators.


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School