Pep Band and HC Band Placement Auditions

Dear Band Family,
I hope all are well! Thanks to all who volunteered for Pep Band! There were many volunteers so not everyone is listed below, but I will try to get every student who volunteered worked into one of 2 pep bands.
Pep Band A will play next Tues. Feb. 19th at HC for the 6:00 PM Girls game and the 8:00 PM Boys game. Should either or both teams win, I will assemble a Pep Band B for the Friday Feb. 22nd District Championship at HC.
Pep Band A Instrument
Claire Baumann Flute
Kaitlynn Bayne Flute
Danielle Dutton Flute
Katie Kennedy Flute
Cheyenne Knotts Flute
Elizabeth Piper Flute
Lauren Sommer Flute
Phoebe Tripure Flute
Erica Currier Clarinet
Malorie Hall Clarinet
Hollyn Mofield-Boswell Clarinet
Haiden Moore Clarinet
Sarah Palmer Clarinet
Abby Sirrine Clarinet
Sophie Wiatrowski Clarinet
Alexa Wiseman Clarinet
Carson Kitts Bass Clarinet
Abby Bunch Alto Sax
Maddy Cohen Alto Sax
Ian Jicha Alto Sax
Jack Pyle Alto Sax
Zain McCoy Tenor Sax
Grant Dolen Tenor Sax
Brandon Beihn Bari Sax
Elijah Gray Bari Sax
Amelia McKinney Mellophone
Chloe Shirey Mellophone
Clay Sommer Mellophone
Luke Buzard Trumpet
Clifton Grady Trumpet
Ben Montgomery Trumpet
Ginny Price Trumpet
Conner Rice Trumpet
Thomas Robb Trumpet
Ethan Scott Trumpet
Mickey Taylor Trumpet
Paris Triantafiou Trumpet
Ally Tripure Trumpet
Gabe Rivera Trombone
Will Stone Trombone
Tanner Swift Trombone
Katie Taylor Trombone
Ian Holt Baritone
Addison York Baritone
Dallas Care Sousaphone
Isaiah DeRoy Sousaphone
Jude Holder Sousaphone
Cameron Latham Sousaphone
Max Rodriguez Sousaphone
Aidan Boyd Drumset
Michael Lanham Snare
Josh Slayton Snare
Aaron Moseley Tenors
Caleb Torres Tenors
Emma Gray Bass
Spencer Hash Bass
Also as a reminder to students, we will audition for placement for next school year in HC band and percussion classes during the week of Monday, Feb. 25 through Thursday, Feb. 28. All WW and Brass players will record the 2nd All-District etude and percussionists will perform material for Justin.
Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School