Henry Clay Band Boosters

Everyone, It’s hard to believe but in regard to committee positions and bingo positions, it’s time to start thinking about the hand-off to the next group. The positions turn over in May and in order to make sure we have people in place and prepared, we need to have volunteers step up now. There is a job description attached below and it can also be found on the band website: www.henryclayband.org, under the parent tab. With 42 seniors, there are some holes to fill.

Here are some positions that we are looking for:

Hospitality – this is a big job but we have discussed breaking it up into pieces to make it more manageable. Contact Lisa Gray at lagray00@gmail.com if you are interested and have questions.
Recording Secretary – contact Camilla Wunder @ camwunder@windstream.net with questions.
Ways and Means (Fundraising) – contact Debbie Stepter @ stepter4@live.com
Bingo volunteer coodinator: contact Michelle Hash @ 4hashs@gmail.com
Bingo callers: contact Louis Stepter @ stepter@live.com. There is training involved here.
Bingo paper side (supervisors and assistants) – contact Sandra Palmer @ slhpalmer@twc.com There is training involved here.
Bingo pulltab side – contact Rebecca Scott @ rms00@gmail.com. There is training involved here.
Pulltab counter – contact Jim Triantifilou @ jt636@aol.com.

There are possibly others that I have missed and it is possible after our bylaws committee meets that there could be some newly created positions.

You won’t regret getting involved. It’s a great way to work toward a common goal and have fun while doing it.

See you Monday. Sandra Palmer Booster President