Stadium Seat Removal (Reminder)

Dear Henry Clay Band family:

Just a reminder that THIS Saturday, December 8th, we need all hands on deck at Kroger Field to remove the stadium seats we installed back in August. Everyone please show up as close to 12 noon as possible (we realize that ACT test-takers will be a bit later).

  • DRESS WARM!!! Warm socks, Gloves, Hats, Layers
  • If you have them, bring 9/16 inch socket (hand or cordless drill mount) or wrench. Please label your tools.
  • Also, if you have them, vise-grips (also maybe a can of WD-40 if there’s 1 around the house. We will have a few)
  • Eat a good meal before you come
  • Park in Green Lot and Enter Gate 1 (again see maps, if needed)

Please watch this video, so that you can see what we will need to do with all the seats that we remove.

We will actually be stacking 5 tiers high for a total of 160 seats per pallet, so it is important that they are stacked correctly and tightly together (for stability, as requested by the forklift operator who has to load them all onto a trailer).

Stadium Seat Parking and Entry

Again, ALL BAND STUDENTS are required to help. Only those who will be at All-State auditions, or who have cleared it with the directors will be excused. Please let us know if you have any questions.

See you Saturday!
Drew and Michelle Slayton
Stadium Seatback Fundraiser Coordinators