Stadium Seat Removal December 8th

Dear Henry Clay Band family:

This Saturday, December 8th, is the day we wrap up our stadium seating fundraiser for this school year! All band members are required to participate (unless they are traveling for All-State auditions, or have otherwise cleared it with the directors). We have access to the inside of the stadium from 12 noon until 5:00pm. Students who are taking the ACT that morning will have a little “grace period”, so we won’t expect you at noon. Also, in the event of weather related conditions that make it slippery and dangerous in the stadium, we may postpone until the same times on Sunday (or beyond, if it is too dangerous all weekend).

For those who are new, this is what we do: 1) detach seatbacks; 2) remove seatbacks to concourse; 3) stack seatbacks on pallets; 4) wrap pallets for transport. Everyone is invited to watch the video sent to us by the seatback company.

We will again park in the Green Lot and enter at Gate 1, both of which are next to Nutter Field House. (See diagram.) Please arrive as early as possible so you can sign in and hear all the instructions for your team. (To be early is to be on time….)

Stadium Seat Parking and Entry

Be sure to dress in layers. It will be cold, especially in the concourse. The concrete acts like an ice pack this time of year, so warm footwear is also essential.

What to bring:
– gloves (work or winter). Nothing hurts more than raking frozen knuckles on cold concrete.
– 9/16 inch socket (hand or cordless drill mount) or wrench
– vise-grips (also maybe a can of WD-40 if there’s 1 around the house. We will have a few)

Be sure to label your tools!

Eat a good meal before you come – breakfast, brunch, or lunch, make sure you eat well. Water and snacks will be provided (maybe even hot chocolate) in the afternoon. We are working with UK to make sure there will be a space for us to get out of the cold for a few minutes at a time.

We are happy to have parents and other family members (including siblings) on our teams. The sooner we get all the seats out, the sooner we can all go get warm. Adults who are willing to be team leaders for the removal, please let us know.

***Students and adults who are working bingo that night will be given first priority when it comes time to release people, as the job is completed.

See you Saturday!

Drew and Michelle Slayton, Stadium Seatback Fundraiser Coordinators