Concert season: concert wear


Our first full-band concert is less than 6 weeks away and we needed to get everyone outfitted for it. For girls, that’s a long black dress. For boys, it’s a tux. These items were included in your band fees and will be distributed to each student. Over the next couple of weeks, new students will be measured and fitted for their concert wear. Once these items have been passed out the student holds onto them until they graduate or the item no longer fits.

Returning band members need to try on their concert wear NOW. If something no longer fits, return it to the rack in the band room, dry-cleaned and with your name on it by next Friday, Nov. 9. For the boys, make sure you have all the pieces: shirt, jacket, pants, bow tie and cumberbund. Also, make sure you don’t have broken buttons on your shirt. If you’re missing pieces, there will be a $5 replacement charge.

If any mom is available during the day and interested in helping with concert wear, please contact Mary Kitts ( or me.


Sandra Palmer