Season Wrap Up and Thanks!

Dear HC Band Family,

What a finish! After a whirlwind weekend, Mr. Bayerle, Justin, the staff, and I couldn’t be more proud of the students and band family! The students’ work ethic and performance was outstanding all year and the show on Saturday at Kroger Field was one of the best HC marching band performances I have ever had the honor and privilege of witnessing! There was tremendous energy and I’ll never forget the feeling during several key parts of the show including the ballad release, the final push to the end, and the students’ faces coming off the field!

To recap the events at the end of the competition, we finished in 6th place with a score of 83.6 and a wide variety of ordinals. The adjudication was wildly inconsistent and at times unprofessional. I can’t offer any sensible explanation other than the state circuit must address a variety of issues. Be that as it may, we are involved in a subjective activity and adjudicators either get it and appreciate it or they don’t. Unfortunately for us, we had a couple in the latter part of that discussion.

However, there are numerous great band programs in our state who are working very hard and offer great experiences along with us and at the end, we are all in this together! I was thrilled to see our students cheering on our competitors from the stands Saturday afternoon! We can rest easy knowing that we are approaching this activity the correct way by staying in the process and building the family to develop and strengthen the character of each and every student! We will move forward and continue to try to push the creativity envelope and draw the most out of our students as performers! Watching the students develop and grow as humans and performers this season was the most rewarding part of our journey!

A HUGE THANKS to our band parents who made this season possible. From pit crew to prop builders to hospitality to uniform parents to chaperones to our booster officers to drivers, etc. we couldn’t offer this amazing experience without a strong parent organization of dedicated and committed members. I am grateful for your personal sacrifice for our band family each and every day!

Mr. Bayerle, Justin, and I are also indebted to our wonderful team of staff: Ty Saylors, Sean Hahn, Shelby Hargrave, Jay Hawkins, Lawrence Banks, Nadia Nasr, Austin Hocker, Jordan Lalama, Ralph Stewart, and Craig Fitzpatrick along with the people we consulted to help provide this world class production!

We have an exciting rest of the year planned and will approach all areas of our program with the same great energy! Please come out to support our percussion ensembles, jazz ensembles, and concert ensembles in the near future!

Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School