Today at Kroger Field

Everyone,  Today for semi-finals, tickets are $13 and seating is general admission. There was talk that we would shoot for section #225; that’s about the 40 yard line, where the Pit is. Tickets for finals can be purchased separately. I don’t know if this is cash-only like last week. but you should probably go prepared to pay cash.

Parking is free. The participating bands will be parked in the Green Lot, between the stadium and Cooper Dr. Everything else is spectator parking.

I don’t know if it’s a harsher statement than in recent years, but KMEA sent a separate email with the sole purpose of warning people not to videotape or audiotape the performances. The statement says “anyone who sets up to video record bands will be dismissed from the stadium with their equipment.” Still photography is allowed during semi-finals but not finals.

What kind of challenge would it be if it were 70 degrees and sunny? #makingmemories

See you at the stadium! Sandra 859-361-9453