Yesterday, tomorrow


Thank you to everyone who helped make last night a success! Your responsiveness in signing up to help makes planning these events a whole lot less stressful for those who are organizing them. The poster-lined hallway is always fun to see!

At practice on Wednesday, Mr. Bayerle encourged all the wind players to purchase hand warmers to use tomorrow. They will be strategically taped on the kids to try to keep them warm during the performance. If for some reason, you can’t get them by then, I’m sure there will be extras floating around.

The marchers will practice early Saturday morning and break at 9:30 am. In order to ensure an energetic performance at 12:45, everyone needs to eat something during the break. The Hospitality Committee will be serving breakfast sandwiches and fruit to the kids. For some this may not be enough food or it may not be what they like to eat. Please supplement if you need to. Also, because the ACT is being offered tomorrow morning and there will be testing going on in classrooms all over the building, we will be eating breakfast in the cafeteria. For anyone who is helping with breakfast or those who may be bringing food, look for us there.

The kids have worked so hard the past 14 weeks. They’ve prepared a great show. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! (I might suggest waterproof mascara. There are always tears after the preliminary performance.)

Contact me if you have questions.

Sandra Palmer Band Booster President