BOA Information Round-Up

Good morning, Band Family. Here is this week’s information round-up. It’s a big list, since we’re heading to BOA this weekend.

Fundraising: Please remember the fundraiser is due today! No orders will be accepted after tomorrow. Debbie Stepter is the contact person in case you have questions, 859-576-6821.

Hospitality: Lisa Gray has enough roaster ovens. Thanks for the donations! If you haven’t signed up to donate something for meals and snacks, please use this link: Everything MUST be loaded onto the truck by Thursday evening. She will be at the band room around 5:45 each evening of rehearsal this week to receive donations. If your kids are bringing items in, ask them to put them on the table near the office in the band room and she will pick up items each evening. Her number is 859-948-3299 for questions or concerns.

Competition: Please re-read Mr. Kite’s Itinerary and follow it closely!

Canton Tickets, Parking, Directions, and Pizza: Sandra Palmer assembled a useful document containing tons of site details for the BOA trip. Please review it here If you aren’t traveling with the band in some official capacity but wish to eat with the band, please pay extra attention to Sandra’s instructions about pizza.

Packing: I’ve had a few questions about packing, so I’ve attached some very basic thoughts on what might be needed and when. If you already know what you’re doing, feel free to keep on scrolling.

Advice on packing list

Pack the Parking Lot: Please be there on Thursday (tomorrow) to cheer the kids on as they prepare for BOA! We need all Pit Crew to attend for a field setup rehearsal, which starts at 6:30pm.

Fleeces: Mary Kitts will be handing back fleeces that are embroidered during pick-up this week. If you still need embroidery, you can give the jackets and money to her on Monday. We still have one marcher who can’t find her small fleece. Please let Mary or Rebecca Scott know immediately if you think you have it. It is not embroidered as of yet.

Uniforms: Mary Kitts says it would be helpful to know which marchers are having trouble with their hats so they can be addressed. Please let Mary Kitts know during pick-up this week.

Pit Crew: Cameron Beard and Jon Livingood say they could still use more volunteers to help move the front ensemble’s instruments to and from the stadium on competition days. Sign up here if you can help, please!

Spirit Wear: The fourth order will not be available from the vendor until after we’ve already left for Canton. I’ll announce distribution of that order next week. There are still several unclaimed orders on the table in the band room. I will put out a holiday order form near the end of this month. Stay tuned!

Parents, please be on the look-out for an email from me later today. It won’t be in any other place than your email inbox, so please make sure to check it out. It’ll go out sometime before 5pm today.

If I’ve left anything out, let me know!

Thanks, Rebecca Scott