BOA Canton Itinerary and South Oldham Recap!

Dear Band Family,

Congratulations to all on two wonderful performances yesterday in South Oldham! The band finished the day in finals with a score of 83.8 and led the field in all music and visual categories including the individual percussion score! To recap the final run, we had a USB port that was damaged in transit and wouldn’t allow our Macbook to connect to the board that produces the preshow and many of the sound effects. We discovered this fact after the show. Mr. Bayerle and I made the decision at the time to delay our start to try to rectify the situation due to the importance of the total package in performance. With the delayed start, we ran over time and were assessed a 1 point penalty. The students did an excellent job maintaining professionalism and carried through the performance wonderfully! A HUGE thanks to all of the parents as we were in a “fire drill” scenario getting off the field! Even the band director of the Bullitt East Band, Mr. Trevor Ervin was on the sideline offering help as we cleared the field…one of the great and classy leaders and programs in KY!

As wonderful as our preparation was this past week, we enter the final 3 weeks of the season tomorrow and have to finish all details from cutting down the setup time on the field through all of the music and visual layers that need to be cleaned to clearing the field as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Please see the schedule for the week below as we build toward one of the peaks of our season at the Bands of America Canton Regional Championship at Hall of Fame Field next Saturday, Oct. 13th!

BOA Canton Itinerary October 12 – 14


Mon. 10/8

MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:15 PM

Tues. 10/9

MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:15 PM

Wed. 10/10

MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:15 PM

Thurs. 10/11

MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:15 PM….Pack The Parking Lot! We need to do another field setup rehearsal with the pit crew at 6:30 PM.

Fri. 10/12

BOA Canton Trip

Full Band Meeting in the band room at 7:30 AM. We depart for northern KY at 7:45 AM. Friday is an excused absence for the students, but they should contact their teachers beforehand and communicate about any assignments that may be due. They are responsible for any missed work. Please be sure to go over the essential trip items at the end of the attached itinerary as students will need air mattresses/sleeping bags, toiletries, etc. for our stay at the Glenwood Intermediate School.

Let’s have another great week of preparation as the HC Marching Band presses on toward making school history!


Bill Kite

Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School